Books ~

I receive copies of books (ebooks, digital, Advance Reader Copies/ARC's, and final print copies) from authors, publishers, blogger programs, and publicity tours. Occasionally, I receive multiple copies of the same book at different stages in the publication process, like an ARC for an endorsement or a publicity tour and then a final copy from a blogger program for review or as a gift from the author. I will always note in my reviews if I have received the book specifically for review and where/what program I've received the book from in exchange for an honest review. Otherwise, the book is from my personal library or borrowed. I do NOT sell any of the books I receive.

Reviews ~

I always aim to write honest reviews. However, as an author myself, I always try to be positive with my reviews. If I dislike a book so much that I do not feel I can write a review, and I am not required to write a review, then I will contact the author about the situation.

Review and Tour Requests ~

At this time, I have to be very conscientious about the amount of reviews and tours that I commit to due to my own writing schedule! If I have to decline, I'm so sorry! *sends hugs* It's really not personal! Currently, I am only set up to review print copies of books, but occasionally I will agree to read a manuscript in a Word document for endorsement.

Giveaways ~

Giveaways will either be run by myself or I will be participating in a larger tour. When I am hosting a giveaway, I reserve the right to cancel the giveaway whenever I deem it necessary. When I am participating in a larger tour, please note that the tour coordinator, not I, reserves the right to cancel the giveaway whenever they deem it necessary.

Lost or Stolen Prizes ~

Ultimately, I am not responsible for prizes lost in the mail or stolen. If I am able to help, I will.

Thanks for reading, guys! <3

V. Joy Palmer